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My take on the nurse.

I played the PTB for several hours and with over 20 matches with the nurse. honestly I was very sad about this change.

In my opinion her base power should never have been changed, which made her strong.

Already its add-ons I agree that they need changes because some leave it

very strong (OP) such as the 3.4.5 blinks, it was very difficult to escape from it.

The nurse is one of the very few killers who can face "rank 1 SWF" effectively

And yet for many players it is very difficult to play with it yet.

The nurse needs a lot of training and dedication to learn to play with her, many players

just like me we spent hundreds of hours learning to play with her and mastering her

and now all this time is going to be thrown away because of this nerf.

In short everything! I would very much like your base power not to be altered but only to its complements.

thank you for your attention. 😀


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