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Sloppy or Thana?

AssumedNameAssumedName Member Posts: 6

My legion build is monitor, ruin, nurses and sloppy. Should I level legion up and try to get Thana, or should I stick with sloppy and save the bloodpoints? I understand that they’re both good on them.

Sloppy or Thana? 68 votes

Level up for thanatophobia
Mc_HartyBossArk_the_BonsaiStevoImmersedNurseInjiMrDardonMister_xDIhatelifeBlueberryPeasantdrimmalorAcesthetiicDoddle28PolarBearbrokedownpalaceblue4zionRainbowPatooieExerlinSairek 52 votes
Stick with sloppy and save the points
Claudette_BaguetteJEWberrySpartagone45XpikselAztreonam78MrZappHoodiedwhammigobambamLirulinielxAlkarixpleasedontbetoxic117JillSandwichLPGJSFPhoenix_WrightDrybonescralo 16 votes


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