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Do you have fun in DbD

Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 348

Do you have fun in DbD 23 votes

Of Curse I have!
KrallepremiumRICEbobcat946732 3 votes
Most likely yes.
MandyTalkBossPandomPyroDudeAhoyWolf 5 votes
Ark_the_BonsaiCL4P_TRAP_ERPureSabaccKnucklesTragicSolitudeBoosted_DwightoTechnicDarootLeafstormChiTenshiSebaOutbreakEndstilleEightball_uwu 12 votes
Most likely no.
Aztreonam78Dr_LoomisNyxis_Fier 3 votes
I don’t


  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 140

    Right now it is becoming less and less fun.

  • SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak Member Posts: 17

    Sometimes I have those wonderful sessions where everything works out just fine and I have fun, even if I die as a survivor or can't get 4k as killer.

    Then there's those other times with toxic people from both sides ruining the overall experience. So it's mixed for now. But hey, this is bound to happen in any game that has competitive elements.

  • Ark_the_BonsaiArk_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 737

    It's very dependent on the match, the survivors I have, the killer I have (if playing surv), whether or not I'm doing a daily, whether or not the stars have aligned, etc etc

  • Nyxis_FierNyxis_Fier Member Posts: 25
    edited October 10
    Most likely no.

    I don't find it as much fun as when I first started. Survivors keep getting nerfed to the ground. Killers keep getting buffs and reworks. Survivors don't always play in swf yet alone team work. And plenty of killers I've played against tend to camp either in front, surrounding area of hook/hex/ruin. Yeah I get it there's perks we can use, but we can only have 4. We keep getting told "well use this, use that. Ops well you should have used the other thing."

    I even played with killers that DC once I find the ruin. Or they DC once we open the doors.

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