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Killer idea: The psychiatrist

Lore: Corrupted psychiatrist who liked using hypnosys to "play" with his young male and female patients. Until one day one of them broke free of their trance and killed him.

But instead of dying, he was brought back to a realm where he is allowed to play has much has he want.


1-Mentalist: When the psychiatrist hit the survivor but they escape the chase, they become enthraled. Everytime they'll see another survivor, the killer or a hex totem. They'll reveal their aura to the killer and scream for 5s.

2-Hypnotic therapy: The psychiatrist use a pendulum and anyone within 12m radius of the killer will be hypnotized. This will cause them to be exhausted and to moan has if they were injured.


1-Professional: Any killer power will recharge 10%/15%/20% quicker.

2-Cold and calculating: Losing a survivor during a chase will put a debuff of them for 20s/30s/40s. This will cause the entity to instantly break the next 1/2 pallets they drop.

3-Mind trick: If the survivor is in a chase and loop the same vault 4/3/2 times in a row, they'll become broken for 20s/30s/40s.

*Under construction*

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