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Create your own offering, suggest crow ideas.

AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,011
edited October 10 in Fan Creations

I personally get sick and tired of seeing the thicker/thinner fog offerings and the ugly wreath offerings which just give 25% extra in a particular category. They are all very bland to me.

So I am begging you to come up with some more ideas for offerings.

If you have any good ideas then do share.

Also crows.

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  • TheHoodedOneTheHoodedOne Member Posts: 6,432

    well, I had an idea but its not that great

    Common: Bloody coin

    Spawns in one chest with a guaranteed green item

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,011

    Honestly an offering which makes a random chest have at least a green rarity item in would probably be a good common offering.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,011

    Sage Sachet - The map will have a greater chance of getting the secondary basement spawn.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 897

    Pizza Time: Puts a Pizza box in the level, whoever finds it gets 10,000 Bonus BP

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 734

    Fracture Bone - Slightly Increases the distance from generators totems spawn.

    An more, but you only said common offering.

    Broken tooth - Slightly decreases the distance from generators totems spawn

    This one would be Very Rare, but I thought you would like to see a survivor version.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,011

    - Removes 1 random locker or increase the amount of lockers spawned by 1 (killer offering)

  • MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 166

    Appears in survivor blood webs

    Power remnant: The entity remembers everything.

    4 generators in the match spawn with 5% progress and don’t regress until kicked.

    If a killer is running Discordance 1 of the 4 affected generators will light up yellow after 15 seconds( this effect lasts for 30 seconds).


    Killer blood web

    Silent shadows: Survivors moans/ breathing and noises are 100% louder for 180-320 seconds.


  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,011

    Beaded gem - considerably increase the amount of crows.

    This got me thinking of crow based perks.

    Anyone got any if those you can share. Also any rarity offering will do.

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 72

    Bloodied Ruby- Spawns 2 more hooks

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 426

    Pristine Mori: Grants the killer the ability to kill himself at any point of the trial.

  • DrHammerDrHammer Member Posts: 1

    I love this! And on the survivor side:

    Scarecrow Cap - slightly reduce the amount of crows.

    I'd also love me some more bird perks!

    Murder of Crows - Survivors who startle crows are exposed for X/Y/Z seconds.

    Would sync well with Spies from the Shadows and make Calm Spirit a better counter-perk. The real trick would be to get the timing right. Maybe add a cooldown so it can't happen too often.

    Dark Flock - Startling birds reveals your position to survivors, but gives you a X/Y/Z% speed boost for X/Y/Z seconds.

    I imagine the reveal effect to match that of SFtS. Although I imagine a cooldown would be required for this perk as well. At least to prevent spam.

    And to complete the birb build:

    Crow's Nest - Crows will inhabit 1/2/3 generators. While nesting, the generator will slowly degrade over time (slower than if kicked, does not stack), and repair speed is reduced for that gen by X%. Crows startled off a generator return 100 seconds later.

    I think this would cause both survivors and killers to make more interesting decisions about when/how to do generators. For survivors, do you stay sneaky and tank the repair debuff? Do you startle the bird to get rid of said debuff? or ignore the generator altogether? For killers, do you patrol these gens and risk startling the birds? If they do get startled, do you camp the gen a bit to alter the window of time the survivors have to work on it before the birds come back?

    Just some thoughts, I have birds on the brain today.

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 86

    Honestly, I agree. But I would like for certain offerings to do more than up your chances of being sent to a specific map suring the trial. How about this?:

    Fatal Star-

    Increases all Bloodpoints earned in all Categories by 23%. Heavily increases odds of being sent to Hawkins National Lab or The Gideon Meat Plant.

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 206

    I like the idea of crow offerings. Let me see if I can think up a few...

    Tattered/Sleek Feather [K] (common/rare)

    Will increase the number of crows on the map slightly/moderately. Crows will return to their positions slightly/moderately faster.

    Shiny Bauble [K] (very rare)

    Crows will gather around idle survivors moderately faster. Any survivor with 3 crows will become Exposed, and can be killed by your own hand. Exposed status lasts for 10 seconds after the survivor begins moving again.

    Blue bead [S] (rare)

    Reduce the number of crows on the map slightly. You can see the aura of crows within 24 meters while crouched.

    Crow's Foot [S] (very rare)

    reduce the number of crows on the map considerably. Each group of crows has a chance to relocate when triggered(50%) or every 20 seconds(20%).

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 667

    Survivor offering:

    Patriotic Red Baseball Hat: All survivors first good skill checks become GREAT skill checks 😃

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 206
    edited October 13

    Ha. I like that one.

    Someone get this man a small loan of a million dollars

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 667

    That's the kind of thinking this country needs with 19 trillion dollars in debt. 🦅

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 773

    how about a iridescent coin that spawns 3 chests

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