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New killer perk: Hindered escape

MysticAdvisorMysticAdvisor Member Posts: 166
edited October 10 in Fan Creations

When you hook your first survivor this perk activates.

After hooking a survivor 5 vaults are randomly blocked until 30/60/90 seconds after the survivor has been unhooked.

Every time a survivor is hooked the amount of blocked vaults increase by 5.

For example:

hooks/ vaults blocked




and so on up to a max of 20/25/30 vaults.

When the timer ends 0/1/2 random pallets that have been thrown down by a survivor are broken by the entity.

If you hook a survivor before the vault timer ends then it will reset and not break pallets.

Thanks for reading ;)

feel free to discuss.


  • HydrospexHydrospex Member Posts: 17
    edited October 11

    The Pallet breaks would save a lot of time for killers who have low mobility. I like the idea.

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