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What should be my first piercing?

Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 407

I thinking about saving my money to get my first piercing, but I don't know what I want

Any recommendations?


  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,530

    I dunno you choose

  • shepherd404shepherd404 Member Posts: 20

    ive worked in the industry and did mainly piercing work for 4+ years before i changed professions

    if you literally mean first piercing ever, get your ear lobes done.

    now on to my list of things not to pierce, then ill offer suggestions

    as a professional i recommend no one ever gets their eye brow done. The rejection rate is very high, you will note people tend to scar there also when it rejects. (if you pinch and roll your eyebrow at the corner you can feel two layers of tissue, if they miss that sub-layer it will reject pretty quickly)

    mouth piercings are also on my not recommended list, not many people keep these in the long term. You will get a noticeable scar and i promise its bad for your teeth or gums somehow no matter what. Also these can be annoying/uncomfortable when intimate.

    genital piercings - if this malfunctions when your being intimidate it is super awful for you and your partner. Lots of people admit to taking these out pretty quickly after getting them. For a female the safer one is the clitoral hood, this one isnt a big deal, it can help with pleasure and its low risk for injury. Of course if you have complications with healing - you could get risk a permanent injury - these mainly are not worth it.

    Looking at piercings to get

    Ears, pretty much adding more piercings to your ears is fun and fine.

    If you want a standout ear piercing im fond of the tragus and rook (mainly for females), and industrial for both genders. Industrials really stand out and you can mount other hardware in the two holes if you dont always want the bar.

    The nose is a good place the get a piercing, I do not recommend anything other than a simple nostril piercing. This should sit right at the point where the nostril line beings to blend into the nose, some artists will do "high" or "low" nostril. I would just call that missing the right spot. Septums arent to bad but not far starters. Anything else like bridge or third eye I would avoid, if these reject (and these do) the scars are ugly.

    A belly button can be cute and also safe(mainly female), but the piercing has to be deep enough to get through the sub-layer like the eyebrow (pinch and roll the top of your belly button there is a shelf under the skin. if they miss that, prepare to reject and scar) Avoid this piercing if youre overweight as the reject and infection rate rises if you are.

    If your adventurous and like the idea of a more sexual piercing nipple(s) tend to be harmless and heal well when taken care of properly. Risk for rejection is lower than your normal skin and these can be enjoyable with your partner. not really a first time piercing.

    hope this helps, let me know if you have questions

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 407

    I was wondering if a Medusa Piercing is a better mouth Piercing?

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