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The reason red rank are full of Nurse, Spirit, Billy

NekooNekoo Member Posts: 133
edited October 2019 in General Discussions
  • Using one of the worst killer at red rank,
  • Against SWF with instant heal and key,
  • 2 hook everyone
  • 28k game

Yet, when I beat them, I didn't even get a pip because all survivor just dc when I hook them for the third time,

not that I care about pipping, I can easily get rank 1, but I just feel like I'm being punished by doing nothing wrong.

Whenever I play a underwhelming killer, I get t-bag and pointing finger for ages,

if I do bad, all I get is getting t-bag again at exit gate and "ggez" at endgame chat,

if I do well, I don't even rank up at all because everyone dc, and I still get swear at endgame chat.

The fact that you need to do so much more with these killers to be effective, put yourself into

a completely stressful environment, but after all that, game reward you NOTHING by doing so,

How would this be fun for any killer player?

Do killers really have to play Nurse, Spirit and Billy forever?

Brutal killer btw.

didn't screenshot the rest of the endgame chat,

but it's a bunch of salt

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