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Event Cosmetics

First off I love the event cosmetics they are fantastic great job devs. But I saw in a previous post by someone is that these cosmetics should have some sort of effect. Such as a different color for Clown's gas or Plague's puke. And also adding maybe a voice alteration or something to match the asthetic. I'd love to see changes like this and wanted to being more light on it maybe the devs will do it if enough people want it.

Event Cosmetics 91 votes

Yes, I want cosmetic alterations.
Twenties20kaSnakeSound222Blueberrybowcake9YamiTheFurryJetTheWaffleCatTangledHelixCetrenImwrathanSalty_PearlKarltastiskSleepyWilloAcesthetiicMike2550WitasDoddle28indieeden7brokedownpalaceNear1912Milordo 72 votes
No, keep them the same.
MadjuraPeasantProfoundEndingMushwinOverdoseTZackAndCody 6 votes
I don't care.
Mc_HartyJesyaWhite_OwlSpaceportal117AshleyWBTheGameZpro3BigBubsHag_Main_Big_Brainsilasbleuyandere777DrVeloxcityPsychopathyHappsta 13 votes


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