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Legion has a scratch marks problem...

WiddenWidden Member Posts: 6

When Legion in feral frenzy you supposed to cant see scratch marks but that doesnt work like that. In the feral frezny mode every survivor dont leave scratch marks even Nancy cant see scratch marks herself.


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 228

    Wait, this is for real? You can't see Scratch Marks with Fixated while Legion is using Feral Frenzy?

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 1,676

    Well, Frenzy works by removing all scratch marks for Legion... I didn't realize that it just removed all scratches period... interesting...

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 1,040

    Do you have screenshots or video proof? I'm sure more information would be useful for the devs in fixing the bug.

  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 53

    thats exist since ptb release they oversight that.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 505

    Is that really a bug or a problem though? Fixated is supposed to let you see what the killer would see, so you can counter your own scratch marks more effectively, right?

    The way I see it, you’ve just found a hidden “feature”! Apparently Fixated scratch marks are affected by any perks/abilities that affect what the killer sees. This would then allow you to better determine what perks he is using (like Predator), and also give you useful information such as “Oh! He’s in frenzy mode right now! I’m gonna hide here and be ready to bolt if he hits someone.”

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,001

    "It's not a bug it's an accidental feature"

  • WiddenWidden Member Posts: 6
    edited October 13

    I test with my friend on the custom game he pick Nancy I pick legion. There is no scratch mark on the map when I use my ability. Including Nancy cant see scratch marks herslef.

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