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Balance the game

Add 10 seconds to finish a generator, remove the hatch and the keys, thus leaving the possibility of escaping from the exit gates to the last survivor in case of 3 sacrifices, with the activation of the endgame.

Remove the red mori and yellow mori , remove the red istant heal.


  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 1,310

    Gen times are increasingly a problem I agree. Keys could be less forgiving sure. I wouldn't mind if it was at least 1 gen done before it spawns for the last person.

    Insta heals are being nerfed, what would you suggest to make mori's not useless? One of the few good ideas I've seen is you have to hook everyone first.

  • HailohHailoh Member Posts: 79

    1.) You could make an argument for adding time on generators, but it's not really necessary. The reason gen-rush happens is because weaker killers (Whether that's lower skilled or lower on the tier list) can't get downs fast enough to distract survivors. This is less a problem with the gens themselves, and more a problem with the balance on killers. It would be a better idea to buff weaker killers instead of nerfing gen speed.

    2.) The hatch is in place to give the final survivor a chance at escape if their teammates didn't contribute to the objective. Obviously, there's always that one guy who stealths around the map all game, only to get the hatch, but more often than not, the last survivor deserves it.

    3.) Keys on the other hand have no reason to be in the game the way they are now, and I fully endorse this idea. I think that they should either focus more on living aura reading, or there should be an animation for opening the hatch with the key that would take, say, 15 seconds.

    4.) Moris are fun, don't get me wrong. But giving any player the option to lead the depip squad isn't a good idea. This is why I agree with getting rid of the Ebony (Ultra-rare) mori. It gives the killer way more power than they need, and someone who's even mildly competent can crush a game with it. The Ivory (Rare) mori should probably takes its place in the Ultra-Rare category. The Cypress (Uncommon), on the other hand, deserves to stay right where it is. It's good at doing exactly what it's supposed to: Showing off an animation. That's all it needs to do, and it does it well (It's also perfect for dailies!).

    5.) The syringe is getting nerfed in the next patch, along with the Styptic. No real need to talk about this, both are good ideas.

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