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Red Ranks Kill/Surv- Here's How the Last 2 1/2 Hours Look

   1st match- Michael hooks and camps me (as we were powering through gens with hex) get rescued. Then get tunnled, die. "It's fine" as we had three gens after he has hooked twice.

Wait 6ish minutes to find a new match

   2nd match- plague, we get all gens done, get hex half way through. After last Gen pops he dc's.

Wait 5ish minutes. Load into lobby, get to map load screen/ start DC connection message. Wait another 5 for lobby.

   3rd match- Freddy, decent killer. Someone dc's as soon as they go down. We get 3 gens done before everyone is dead.

Wait 5 minutes get a lobby. DC connection issue. Wait another 5 minutes.

   4th match- go against plague get totem right away get gens done. Everyone narrowly makes it out.

Wait 4 minutes, get in lobby, wait another 4 minutes to find 2 survivors. Load map reveal happens then game ends, "someone has dc'd". 5 minutes just got a lobby and here we are.

Ps4 and I'm going Solo. So yeah that's the day so far as survivor. Killer lobbies are instant and I am red Ranks in both categories. This demand in killers is interesting. I cannot wait for harsher punishments on dc's. How's your lineup looking?


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