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Solution for Campers

First of all I would like to start this post by saying yes I know camping is a play style, I recently made a post saying camping killers should be punished but I have came to realise for some killers this is the only play style they know. Also this has also been addressed by devs and it is in fact a play style, I have given this some thought and punishing them for a play style is not a solution as they will do it regardless.

My Solutions

Kindred: Remove this as a perk and make it a default feature of the game. Why? Because as a solo survivor no one on the team ever runs this so I am always left clueless if the killer is camping or not. Especially with killers who have no heartbeat due to perks or stealth abilities. So basically if anyone is camping stealth or not their Aura will be revealed and solo survivors will know if someone else is going for the save in chase etc..sound too OP? Not really SWF offers this so why not allow solo players to gain the same information.

Whilst On Hook: If the killer is within 32 metres (default terror radius) of the hook the person who is hooked will receive objective BP if someone is doing a generator and also gain distraction BP (receive BP every 20 seconds?). Also each stage will take 100% longer (this should take effect 15 seconds after being hooked). Surviving through the first stage whilst being camped should grant 1000 BP in the survival category. Successfully struggling until the end should also grant a further 1000 BP in the same category.

Being Tunnelled: Ok first of all yes we all know DS is an option to counter this however not everyone brings "crutch" perks. So what I propose here is if the killer downs the person they unhooked within 30 seconds of being removed from the hook they will receive distraction BP.

Slugging: If the killer is within 32 metres of the slugged survivor they will bleed out 100% slower and receive objective & distraction BP. Bleeding out slower should not happen during EGC

These solutions should allow someone who is having a poor experience due to certain killers to still manage to gain a sufficient amount of BP and guarantee a safety pip. Interested to see what others think of this. Killer and Survivor mains please leave some feedback on this and I would definitely love to hear some thoughts from the devs on this one.


  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 238

    Hey, i used to be just like you. I thought these playstyles should be removed, and they made the game a lot worst. But, as i got to rank 1 and played more, i realised they are simply not viable. BT is one of the perks with the best win rates, and at low ranks everyone uses it. Also, my build is Dead Hard, Iron will, DS and Unbreakable. Tunnel me? loop, dead hard, ds Camp? The Bt my teamates have Slug? Imma pick myself with unbreakable

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 717

    I agree that kindred should be base kit

    kindred is information that SWF survivors have for free without having to use a perk slot so non SWF survivors should get it too.

  • IrvinIrvin Member Posts: 98

    I run Iron Will, Dead Hard, DS and Adrenaline/Unbreakable/Borrowed Time but it would be nice if we didnt feel we had run all these anti tunnel builds. Also it is not a great experience being on the hook for the entire game. Not saying that happens to me, in most cases it is one of the random team mates who I play with and they usually just kill self on hook if being camped or dc if they get tunnelled which does nothing but cause the team more harm. I came up with these suggestions in hope of encouraging players like this not to give up. Currently in red ranks myself :)

  • WickedKatzWickedKatz Member Posts: 238

    Ever since i got into the red ranks, i did not get camped a single time. Also the kindred effect could be nice to be put into the game as default, but not the killer vision. Also, borrowed should be fixed since the TR mechanic is [BAD WORD]

  • IrvinIrvin Member Posts: 98

    Hmm I actually see it quite often, I think seeing the killers aura is no more advantage than someone running kindred how it is now or information SWF group can provide each other.

    100% agree with you there, I think the core features of Borrowed Time are fine but they should scrap the terror radius requirement.

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