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Ideas for balance changes for offerings, killers perks, etc.

Here are some ideas i think would help make the stuff more balance. Please tell me what you think of it and why. First is killers, then perks and then offerings and then overall game stuff


Give him an addon that makes his clock completly invisible like when spirit is phasing. This wont be too op due to he still needs to come out of his cloak where people can see him. If this with silent bell becomes too op a nerf for this is no other ultra rare add ons can be used while having this one on.

Give him an addon that after coming out of clock for a amount of seconds increase his speed, decrease his heart by either 8 meters or no heart beat at all for thoses seconds.

Leatherface (aka bubba):

Rework his add ons so he doesnt share all of his with hillbilly. I think one of the biggest reason he gets draged down by teir list is A. he camps and B. His addons are similar to billys even though their chainsaws react in different ways like bubbas goes in a semi curricular near him where billy goes in a straight life.

Give him add ons that increase his base moment speed


Rework most of his addons. Some of his addons worked best for the old legion but not so much for the newer one. There are some like his red addons


Give him more addons to make his traps harder to see


Make it so when a survivor has a trap on their head they can not escape even though hatch unless they are downed. Give pig an addon that makes it so when end game hits all boxes are reduced to 2 on of each end of the map in the corner. Make an addon that gives pigs more traps like 2 for 1 add on. Give an addon that lets the pig see any survivor with a 8 meter radius that has a active trap on their head and a 16meter radius for any survivor without a trap. Make it so head pops dont count as a mori and dont decrease you overall progress in piping due to getting a head pop with the pig is very hard to do even for a pig main

We are going to live forever:

Make it so it gives perk stack the same amount of bloodpoints as barbacue and chilly

Deceive strike (aka DS):

Make it so you if you miss a skill check for it, you get a second change when its tier 3. If you hit it the skill check on your first go it is automaticly waste mean you dont get a second chance .If this becomes too op then a fix for this could be that if all gens or 1 gen is left the perk will not give you a second chance if you miss it.


Make the success skill check for great smaller for ruin 3. Make the progress go down more/faster if you dont hit a great. Make it so when you use a tool box and hit a great it still goes down a bit like 5% on ruin 3 and great parts if you hit all the skill checks for it and there is ruin 3 on the % is not 25 instead 15% and increase this for each worse ruin like for ruin 2 it would be 20% and ruin 1 it would be 25% like normal if you hit all.

No one escaped death (aka noed)

Make it so when the last gen is complete all survivors gets a notification that there is noed even if a survivor hasnt been hit yet and the obseesion can see it for 5 seconds if its within a 20meter radius or make it so the killer gains the speed boost from it.

Ebony mori:

Please note i have nothing against most mori offerings except for the ebony. This mori is very powerful due to you have to due little to nothing to end all survivors game meaning a game can be over very quickly with this offering. A fix for this could be either A. Make it so it only works when a survivor is on death hook. B. Make it so it only works when all survivors has been hooked onces. or C. Make it so it only activates when the last gen has been completly and this would work even if a survivor hasnt been hooked. I perfer A but what do you guys think and why?

Survivor offering:

Give them an ultra rare one like killers have

Map offerings:

Make the map offerings have all the rarity like an ultra map offering for lerys would mean the chances for being sent to that is increased by 70% and if a survivor beings in a common spring woods map offerings there would be a high chance for lerys but as well a chance for spring wood but not a high chances

Overall game:

Punish the dc people more. I dont like how you now only loses 1 pip instead of 2 most matches as surivor and killer more people dc than i even been experiencing and before any of you saying anything im not a douch bag killer i play fair as survivor and killer. Like if a person dc a certain amount of times they get put in rank 21 and this rank would be only be availible for people with high dc rate. And in this rank you would only match against other people who dc a lot and it would require 5 to 10 pips to get out or wait until the next rank reset. And please note if you are rank 20 and you are not a person who constanly dc you wont derank to rank 20. This would apply to any ranks so if a red rank survivor has dc a lot and is 1 away from going to rank 21 and he works his way up to rank 1 and he dc he will be put in rank 21. Your dc rate would be reset every rank reset and you would go back to rank 20 when reset happens.

Rank 0:

Add a rank 0 above rank 1. To get to this rank you would be require to get 5 pips from rank 1 but there is a catch when you are in rank 1, to get a safty pip is the same but to get 1pip you technically need to get a what would be a double pip on other ranks. Like at rank 1 you can only get 1 pip not 2. Rank 0 would give you an extra 2 quest, 1 would be random which would be monthly which gives you either shards or auric cells and the other quest would give you a skin for any type you play it (what i mean by this is if you get to rank 0 as a survivor you can only pick one of the survivors and not killers). You would pick a skin and have to do a challenge to get parts of that skin like you chose which one you want first head, body or legs and then it generates a random hard challenge like get 10000 hooks or get 100 head pops with the pig (the pig challenge would only work if they make the pig buff i suggest about no ranking down). These 2 quest would be reset each month if you didnt complete it and if you rank down from rank 0 you would lose the quest but no the progress. To get the quest back and to contiue working on the quest you just need to rank up again. At rank 0 there is only 1 safty pip and to get that you would need to get 1 pip like other ranks you have safty pip, pip and double pip, for a safety at rank 0 it would be a pip.

What do you guys think about each thing and why. Would this be something good/amazing for the game to do this?

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