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This is what would happen if solo survivors were buffed...

I know everyone likes to play with their friends, and because of this, solo queue is much more difficult than a game with your friends. I’ve seen people recently ask to shorten the gap between solo survivors and swf. This would only hurt killers even more and make it even easier to bully killers. So I think that BHVR would either have to nerf swf (somehow without making swf just flat out unfun) or to buff solo queue and buff killers at the same time.

I’d just like the see your opinions on this topic and not to be yelled at that swf is fine or that I’m just bad.


  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,628

    The stronger killers in this game can already deal with swf in my opinion. It's the only possible way to get the game more balanced. Solo survivors need some help and get more information that swf survivors have. Any killer that struggles too much because of that can then be buffed, that way killers can better be balanced around swf survivors more.

    Kindred in base kit, that's the one thing I really want to see.

    This is, however, for balance. Of course some might not want more information because it might take away some of the game's fun. Although I believe kindred wouldn't hurt that much, since it only shows auras of other survivors when someone is on the hook.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636
    edited October 2019

    I can't help but shake my head in sadness when the killer, a victim to VOIP, is told the solution to your dilemma is make even those you are balanced to deal with as strong as those who break your perks.

    Please spare me the "buff killers to deal with it afterwards" rhetoric because as of yet I haven't seen ONE SINGLE SOLITARY advocate detail what kind of buff killers could be given that would enable them to deal with the SWF and not completely break the game in the process.

    I guarantee you won't see a a mention of the buff in this thread either. It's all hot air.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,418

    The idea of "closing the gap" is usually mentioned in the same sentence as killer buffs to whoever needs them to keep up, and that's for a reason. The idea behind it is basically to increase the overall "powerlevel" of every player and balancing around that. I'm not going to pretend I know exactly how it'd work, but besides simple incentives (bp bonuses, less demanding emblems or whatever) and SWF indicators it's the only approach that seems even remotely realistic to me.

    Explicit restrictions or mechanical handicaps applied to SWF parties quite simply won't happen, so it's either exploring the alternatives or doing nothing.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 855

    By buff killers, at least in my case, I think it means buffing weaker killers in general. So, whatever buffs have been suggested for Doctor, Legion, Wraith and so on would be more readily implemented if solo was buffed in turn.

    It would not be good to overbuff killers and the way to avoid that is by buffing solo survivor. There are great threads over in the feedback section that discuss such changes.

    What should not be done is punish people for utilizing swf as it will either push people away or cause survivors to lobby dodge in solo que until they are with their friends (something that was done prior to the addition of swf). How would it effect you if swf were nerfed? It would drastically increase lobby wait times for killers if less survivors are playing the game.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636
    edited October 2019

    A buff to BP or being told this is a group about to exploit VOIP doesn't help in dealing with the problem.

    So I guess the solution remains to dodge SWF if you aren't in the mood and play the game as intended against solo's.

    There is no solo survivor buff coming, you'd have received it already. It was nixed.

    I wouldn't say a nerf to SWF is impossible, depending on how things change after dedicated servers go live. A simple Thanatophobia debuff applied to SWF groups handles things nicely. If every game turns into a SWF match and the killer queues tank something will be done.

    I know if I go to play and every match is that I'll find something else to play. To each their own but I'm fairly certain most feel as I do and have their limits.

    The difference with dedicated servers is the facilitation of SWF grouping. When it's easy to do and allows exploiting, most are going to do it. When most do it that means most games are with it. Ergo, the fun level of killer players tank and so do the queues.

    That said, I'll give it a fair shake.

    I can guarantee a losing proposition is for Behav10r to assume they can hide SWF, make it a breeze to do, force killers to endure it game after game without adjustments, and those killers will simply endure it for love of the game.

  • ChezAndQuakersChezAndQuakers Member Posts: 189

    Ya the thing is that it also depends on what type of swf are they going against so I see what you’re saying but it’d be difficult to accomplish

  • ManquiwitoManquiwito Member Posts: 8

    Low tier killers generally all they need is more time. Adding an early game mechanic, like the one with "gas canisters to generators", in replacement of ruin and nerfing top tier killers accordingly, would not overbuff any killer in specific and ended up breaking the game.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636

    The word punish is a red herring. Utilizing a function that offers an advantage and having it tempered with a debuff to allow a competitive game isn't punishment. It's objective reality in game design.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 855

    I understand where you are coming from as I thought the same but the devs have already stated they don't want to do that.

  • VincentRedfieldVincentRedfield Member Posts: 285

    Let's not buff solo survivors. It might damper all those "killer que is 30 mins" threads.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,718

    The problem with giving too much information away is that it makes survivors work a lot more efficiently.

    As a killer for the most part you rely on survivor mistakes to be able to do your work.

    Hell the main problem with survive with friends is that because they work more efficiently they make it a lot harder for the killer to capitalise on the mistakes.

    You will be surprised how something as simple as saying don't waste time coming over to save me I have deliverance can be that means two or three people are more than likely to just stay on gens and power through rather than wasting time going for the save and healing

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    Not necessarily, it depends what they do. Keep in mind that there is only 1 reason why we actually want to shorten the gap: it allows to buffs killers more to combat swf without leaving solos behind.

  • XbonedXboned Member Posts: 461

    I love this idea and have had similar thoughts in the past. The Left 4 Dead model could work, but I also like the idea of scrounging for parts in general.

    Having to find gas, spark plugs, etc. would keep survivors moving around the map and risk exposure. It would also guarantee that gens don't immediately get popped just because the survivors spawned together and someone had Prove Thyself and a toolbox.

    While I doubt we'll ever see that in this game, I think it would be awesome.

  • ChezAndQuakersChezAndQuakers Member Posts: 189

    Ya especially because everyone tends to use ruin to at least slow the gen time down but people either power through it or find it at the start of the game. So a built in mechanic slowing down generators can really hurt swf which is, in fact, pretty neat

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