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A guess at a future chapter - Sarah Connor Standalone Survivor from The Terminator movies.

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"We all have weak moments, moments where we lose faith, but it's our flaws, our weaknesses that make us human. Science now performs miracles like the gods of old, creating life from blood cells or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But they're perfect creatures and in that way they couldn't be less human. There are things machines will never do, they cannot possess faith, they cannot commune with God. They cannot appreciate beauty, they cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won't have to destroy us, they'll be us. "

Sarah Connor (Terminator 2)

I can imagine Sarah Connor coming as a standalone Survivor and getting future terminator themed stuff later down the line.

Sarah Connor has a really good fit for dbd and many including me overlook that. There are literally only 3 Survivors from movies and TV and 2 of those are from Stranger Things.

We're due a Survivor from a big movie. Maybe Sarah Connor from the new terminator movie or the iconic one from the earlier terminator movies.

I've noticed recently that the rights holder to the terminator franchise likes to work with games to make terminator themed dlc happen. You can see from deathgarden and MK11.

What do you think of Sarah Connor as a future Survivor in dbd?

I know it's probably gonna be the Alchemist or something blight related.

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