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Instaheals, hook hits and camping

I don't really mind the insta heal changes. I've never really used them anyways, as I've never needed them. What is problematic is that sometimes you run into tunneling killers, killers with moris, and campers. Insta heals helped in those situations, so that if the hooked survivor got tunneled and instadowned after being rescued, they can get back on their feet and actually have a chance to get away instead of getting hooked again or mori'd 1 minute into the game

That being said, a recent update made it so that killers don't hit hooked survivors anymore. BMs aside, them hitting the hooked survivor was good for anti camping and anti tunneling. If you had your timing right and skilled at outplaying, you use to be able to bait a camping killer into hitting the hooked survivor instead of the rescuer so that you can get them off the hook without getting grabbed or hit back to back.

These two things combine take away the two counters to camping and tunneling. There are no more counter plays for it other than gen rushing and sacrifice.

Lastly i do want to talk about the rarity and costs of instaheals. I don't want them to turn into oddbulbs, whose purpose is useless and cost extremely high. I don't want them to be like BNP post Nerf, where they are slightly useful, but get destroyed after use. Yes, instaheals are no where near as strong as they used to be with the upcoming update. They will still cost the same amount of Blood points, they will still consume your medkit on use, and reduce your medkit charge. That's a bit to much for such a situational add on.

I would recommend making them like BNP, consumes add-on on use, does not reduce charges and does not use up entire medkit. It really does suck that every survivor ultra rare add-on is not worth using anynore.

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