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to those worried about the lack of free content in the rift

i'd like to remind people that the Putrid Serum will be in the free track for the rift. and, in the Q&A, the devs confirmed that the putrid serum will be usable to buy the Hallowed Catalyst skins for the ENTIRE 70 day duration of the rift. and even longer, by two weeks actually. i'll post both questions and answers below that are relevant to this. as for future rifts....... who knows what they're gonna do. maybe they'll fill up the free track, maybe not. but this is for this pass.

"Since Putrid Serum is found in The Rift this year, does that mean we can collect it until the next Rift? Or will Putrid Serum be removed from The Rift after the Withered Blight ends?"

"Putrid Serum will remain in The Rift until it closes."

"Can you please consider extending the event until Monday morning November 4th? This will give people with busy schedules during the "work week" two weekends to work on objectives instead of just one."

"The event period is purely for the items in the bloodweb and the special event generators and hooks. Putrid Serum remains in The Rift following the event and can be earned at your own pace. Any unspent Serum will expire two weeks after The Rift closes."


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