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Pleage Rework Suggestion

EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 246
edited October 11 in Feedback and Suggestions

I know that she is fairly new and controversial as most killers are but i think i speak for most of us when i reiterate that her power is more effective than legions on an unrelated note. However, Vile Purge is flawed at high ranks IMO due to the no heal stratagy. I dont think that its healthy for the concept as well as ideology of gameplay; along with legion ofcoase which is why i incepted an idea on how she can essentially force or better pressure survivors into using pools of devotion

-give plague tiers of sickness similar to doctors tiers of madness

Sickness I: Neausa

-Survivors afflicted are ineficanct while performing progression actions

Sickness II: Fever

-Ontop of the latter survivors undergo exaustion and are hindered

Sickness III: Decay

-Survivors are injured and continue to be injured once every 60 seconds

-Decay timer stops in terror radius

-Each tier takes 60 seconds to progress to the next

-Vile purge accelerates the sickness process 10× faster (approximately 20 seconds of vile purge to reach decay)

-Particular tiers of pleage spread to survivors via co-op action


  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 4,173

    She honestly is just a better Legion. The sad part is that isn't saying much though because she isn't that great herself.

    While I actually really like your idea I feel that it's a much larger rework in the scope of what we saw with Freddy and I really doubt they're looking to do that much work, especially on Plague.

    I feel we'd have to find something much easier and simpler to do that wouldn't require as much rework of her entire power.

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