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No Mither rework

You know, this is only used for meme builds (or the one and only TrU3Ta1ent) so I thought I would change it.

When you are hit No Mither Activates.

You becomes broken for the rest of the trial.

You leave no blood trail.

Grunts of pains are decreased by 0%/25%/50%

Grants the ability to get back up from the downed state.

Decreases noises you produce when do actions by 8 meters.

if you could guess why I put the changes in it’s because.

Its dumb that the killer knows you have no Mither. It should be more like a “Oh darn he has no Mither, guess I’m not getting use out of bloodhound then XD”

For the decreased radius for making noise it because even with lower grunts of pain they can still hear you doing actions so to make it better I added that in

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