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Xbox one crashing issue

Game will be fine for first game. But while trying to connect to any lobby after that will either;

A) Keep me stuck during the "connecting" phase

B) Come up with a Nat type error, even though my Nat type is open.

The game works fine again after I close the game and restart it. However it's really frustrating having to do that after EVERY... SINGLE... GAME!

Does anybody on here have a fix for this issue?!


  • Theoretical_HeartTheoretical_Heart Member Posts: 398

    No fix. But this is happening to me too. It's not after every game but randomly when trying to connect to a lobby it will say "disconnected from host" & "Nat type error" it will then lock in the connecting stage and I will have to force close the game and restart it to get back to the menu.

    Also on Xbox One.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 1,473

    I'm pretty sure the xbox one version is just bugged lol

  • llLuxllllLuxll Member Posts: 2

    Ok well I'm sad to hear there's no fixes but thank you for taking the time to answer.

  • Leahbea22Leahbea22 Member Posts: 7

    I have the same issue, and currently right now 7:30 pm est, the game is taking a really really long time to load up. I’ve hard closed it out twice from disconnect from host, then hard closed from the slow load in. Is there a status page we can check to see if its up and running or if there are problems with the server??

  • TheEntitysRightHandTheEntitysRightHand Member Posts: 11

    This game on console in general is just poorly optimized.

  • Leahbea22Leahbea22 Member Posts: 7

    It really is. It wasn’t a couple months ago. These past few updates have really messed up the game.

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