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Due to latency issues in the PTB, we have decided to postpone the server hit validation test until after the update releases on the live version of the game. We will let you know when the test will take place as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

I'm not banned, Im not a troll

marvelmoviemarvelmovie Member Posts: 195

Well in the sense around the time I created this playstation account 2016 because who was thinking about, this stuff then sony wouldn't let you change your name until 2019, people grow and change they don't stay into the same things, but I had an account from 2009 that I completely forgot about well actually I got older and I didn't want to be Butterz2smooth nah.so now I got two damn account's, but all my cosmetics are on the 2016 account that I was on for awhile then I missed my old account because it had my or what I call my real history lol but then things got personal with people, I was dealing with on the internet, so now I'm stuck between two accounts one with all my cosmetics and old account with my trophies please help me put these thing's on one account please


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