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So, you got an account on Dead by Daylight forum.

Let us tell you all about it!


The forums consists of several categories with specific Subforums. Want to read latests News? Report a bug? Watch some clips or streamers? Maybe just chat? There are places for everything! Click on Subforum and read the pinned discussion to get all information.


Pretty simple. Go to main page, select a Subforum you are interested in, hop on and read/comment.
If you want to see which discussions are hot right now - visit http://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussions -- discussions are sorted there by last comment.

To create a discussion, choose a correct Subforum and click

You can also create a discussion in form of a question by clicking

When you receive a response, you can select it as an answer and your question will be resolved!

If you want to closely follow a specific discussion, just click on the Star icon and it will be added to your Bookmarks
You can access Bookmarks by clicking a button in top right corner:


You can react to every post by clicking a reaction button.
Vote Up if you like the post. Vote Down, if you do not. Awesome reaction is reserved for really cool posts. LOL is self-explanatory.

All reactions are shown on your profile page and basically form your reputation.

You can also flag posts:

  • Report -- does not trigger any automatic measure but you can report any specific posts to moderator, explaining why you find them inappropriate


We have a badges system - they are little milestones rewarded for your activity on the forum.
Full list of Badges and how to get them (and leaderboards!) -- http://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/badges


Our forum uses Rich text formatting. You can find a cheatsheet for it here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Text_Format
You can also use a shortcut dashboard to edit your posts:

Add pictures (and gifs!), files, links, emojis, have fun!


Tags help to understand if the discussion is closed or pinned, who is participating in it (Dev/Mod/CM), and help you with search requests. We are still forming the list of custom tags and it will be published when ready.


You can choose your avatar out of the default pool, right now members cannot upload custom avatars. This might change in the future.
Your profile has its own activity ('wall') and reactions count.
When you are warned by moderator, you will receive an e-mail and a notification.
If you are banned, you can no longer log in.
To view your warnings or messages from Mods, click on 'Moderation' button on your profile.

That's all!
If you have any questions, please ask them in Forum Feedback Subforum and they will be added to this guide. You can also use this subforum for any kind of feedback and suggestions!

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