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Due to latency issues in the PTB, we have decided to postpone the server hit validation test until after the update releases on the live version of the game. We will let you know when the test will take place as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

With the holiday slowly approaching , let take a min ...

GrimbergothGrimbergoth Member Posts: 293
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Time is getting near , the month slowly draws to a close . With fond memories and the glow of a campfire drawing ever so close , lets all just take a moment to remember all the good times we have had together . So to all you young lovers out there , I say take those you love on a romantic camping trip , get lost in the middle of nowhere in Texas  , take a late night stroll down Lampkin Lane or Elm Street , sit at home and watch your favorite scary movie . To all of my late night listeners out there I dedicate this song by The Merkins , just remember one last thing ….

This is our Holiday !!!

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