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"Entity's Researcher" Progress check up

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,530
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Everything is done for it, all I need to do now is take a picture and post it

I will however let you all in about how his cosmetic is gonna act

BlightFace- A mask that has gained the traits of a spider, researching his prey and hiding in the shadows, waiting for when he can pounce upon his prey. (When inside a chase the Spider Fangs around his mouth will move fast, while his eyes drip the serum, outside a chase inside nightshroud the fangs will stop moving)

Weapon experiment 049- A buck knife injected with the serum, dripping serum on the ground as he hunts his prey until they fall to him.

Tendril infestation- The serum made him transform into a creature, but he is still the entity's little researcher. With the entity giving Danny some of its claws on his back, and removing his duct tape from him. (When inside the chase, the claws breaking through his back will start moving around, twitching and being prepared to take the survivor out. Inside shroud the claws will lower themselves, making it less obvious that he is there, ready to kill). His serum tag says 049

EDIT: Fixed a spelling error in "BlightFace" where Fangs instead said Gangs

EDIT 2: Fixed the error where Fangs said gangs

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