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The Battle Pass can't be finished by casual players.

So, according too this post:


it takes around 100 hours for someone too complete the battle pass without spending anything, which I didn't know until after I posted on that discussion. The OP says that it's a casual player only problem, but this is a problem for everyone. I think even some hardcore fans would have problems finishing it without spending some cash.

Using the argument of "It's cosmetics only, so who cares" doesn't change the fact it's a clear cash grab for casuals too fall into. Arguments for the battle pass are covered here by another User: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/749746#Comment_749746

Simply put, the required amount of Fragments needed should be reduced. It's not fair for a good portion of the community too be excluded simply because they don't have the time too commit too such a thing.



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