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What can we learn?

NaroxdamXiasNaroxdamXias Member Posts: 59

So a bit of backstory, I was watching a horror movie with some people, and in this movie these girls (young aged, 5 and 10 I think), were caught by the killer in this movie and were hiding under the bed in fear just yelling "Leave us alone!" Or "Go away" or something. Anyways, someone said I would be like those girls in that situation if something like that happened, however I disagreed. I watch a lot of horror movies or anything related to movie monsters, killers and so on. (I even watch DeadMeat on YT, I reccomend that channel/podcast for any slasher fans and the sort).

And I just happen to be in DBD so much where basic knowledge just tends to surface in any situation that is survival.

That's not much to say I have a lot to survive on just by watching movies/tv with the horror genre, but I learn from them.

I'm very subtle and if anything, quiet at will and not afraid to fight back if I'm prepared for any outcome if it means to help others. So I guess I'm with Meg's Quick and Quiet, Laurie's Decisive Strike, and Claudette's Botanic Knowledge (I guess, im very altruistic irl but take every situation and detail into consideration). But one thing I can say is that I'm not guaranteed to be a survivor, anything can happen as the real world doesn't give you a chance for healing your wounds or finding others or even finding what safety is. That's what brought me to that question if anything from a horror film or the concept of surviving from DBD were to be a possibility.

So what I've learned that is a must from DBD and any related things, killers don't just have a pattern. They always tend to go for whoever, vulnerable or not. Making sure your surroundings have things to defend yourself with (pallets) cannot keep you safe forever so you need to run or fight back. Actual abilities for your survival (or in this case "perks") cannot be easily obtained, you need experience and a lot of practice (bloodpoints). So what are some things from Dead by Daylight that you would do/learn from that proves valuable for survival and the survival of others/objective and why would you do that (based on realistic terms and related things)? Even perk examples can be used. Also in terms of weapons and stuff, that's okay but im just on the discussion of what you could learn from the game that could actually prove useful in real life and why its a good thing to know.

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