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No One Escapes Death Perk Rework Ideas

Perks spark controversy all the time, that's why perks that are deserving of change are changed. Perks like Mettle of Mann and Decisive were unfun to play against and were thus changed (thankfully so) however, one of the most controversial killer perks (Noed) has only been buffed since it's creation. It's important to note that the only issue I have with this perk is that it rewards failure. I play both killer and survivor and find that it teaches bad habits to newer killers, brings bad killers to higher ranks, and causes frustration. The goal of this post is to change Noed into a more balanced but competitively viable in the perk meta.

Here's what I find to be a good change for Noed. First, keep it as a dull totem that turns into a hex totem, however, make it turn into a hex totem after the 2nd or 3rd gen is completed, but keep it active for the duration of the match. It no longer increases movement speed and grants one shots down, instead, it's designed to slow down the gens for the duration of the match (at least when it's still active). Now, every time a generator is completed the next generator will repair 8/9/10% slower, up to a maximum of 32/36/40% slower gens when 4 are completed and the totem is still active. Lastly, any gen not being worked on or repaired currently, will lose 1% of progression passively for every 1 second it isn't worked on (if it is damaged by a killer, it has normal gen regression + natural perk regression). All in all, the perk is designed to drastically slow down the game for every gen completed.

Summary: Noed becomes a hex after 3rd gen completion, but is active all match. Every gen completed slows every other gen down by 8/9/10% up to a maximum of 32/36/40% and gens not being worked on regresses 1% for every second it's not being worked on.

I want to hear anyone's thoughts and opinions, and any other possible changes they might have!



  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,331

    I like the idea, pair it with Fire Up and you've got a pretty good combo.

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 199

    That would be massively op with dying light and thanatophobia, especially with plague as she can just keep survivors injured the entire match. Besides NOED doesn't need a rework, you can prevent it from even activating if you just cleanse all 5 totems. There's loads of incentives for u to cleanse totems: blood points, inner strength perk.. Now that I think about it there aren't that many incentives lmao, but still if you cleanse all 5 totems and the killer had NOED, the killer just wasted an entire perk slot the whole game. NOED is balanced, it doesn't need a rework

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 199

    It would also synnergise with pop goes the weasel, ruin and corrupt intervention, making the game just come to a crawl after the 2nd or 3rd gen is done. Even tho it is a hex, I still feel like it's a bit too much

  • AshruuAshruu Member Posts: 47

    NOED is balanced and doesn't need a rework. It's a hex perk. Just do bones. It's one of the those perks that's stronger at low rank, where survs don't know how to play against it, but that doesn't make it op. If you really want to hard counter it, run small game. NOED is only strong if you're so determined to sit on a gen that you neglect everything else.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 650

    Noed is a completed balanced perk with built in counter-play, something both mettle of man and decisive didnt have, thus having those 2 perks reworked.

    Noed has also only really seen nerfs since its release, not buffs.

    So yeah, noed is in a good spot with a fair amount of counterplay to it.

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    I haven't heard about any noed nerfs, it's only been buffed with the inclusion of one hit downs at all tiers. If there was any buffs made to the perk, please let me know since I didn't hear of them.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,990

    NOED rewards the Killer for the Survivors failing to cleanse totems. Hate NOED? Do totems.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 2,903

    I've had matches where I cleansed 4 out of 5 totems and had Noed hit. This was in purple ranks. It's hardly only a low rank issue. Understand I don't have an issue with Noed. If anything I'd rather see it go back to a timer. Have the timer last longer based on the number of hooks you got in the match.

  • The only failure NOED rewards is the failure of survivors doing totems.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,715

    It would make the 3 gen strategy impossible to go against. Killer is strongest when only 3 gens are left, slowing gen speed by 40% would be incredibly op.

    Personally, I do agree that NOED is fine right now. It's one of the only reasons to work on dull totems. I wouldn't mind a change to NOED, but in that case it would be nice if dull totems had some other use to encourage survivors to cleanse totems.

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    The issue I have with noed isn't that it's annoying or makes me mad to go against. I understand that it's preventable. Please note I'm speaking about this from the perspective of optimal players. It isn't optimal to search the entire map for totems instead of doing generators, and newer players have issues finding generators let alone totems. The only issue I have with the perk is that it teaches killers bad habits to think "Oh I shouldn't worry if they get all the generators done, I'll just use NOED." I believe that both killers and survivors need to think and play optimally, which NOED directly negates. The perk itself isn't a bad one, it's the message it sends to all other players. That's why I compared it to Mettle, since it rewarded survivors to be found and hit, which teaches bad habits.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 650
    edited October 2019

    Well originally it wasnt a hex perk. It just activated at the end of the match and there was no counterplay to it.

    Then it got nerfed so it only lasted 120 seconds after the gates had been activated (still not really any counterplay)

    Then it got turned into a hex perk so survivors could actually counter it now and destroy it before it even had chance to activate it.

    This was done as well as reducing the movement speed bonus throughout. (i think it one point it also gave reduced time on missed attacks and this was later scrapped entirely but not too sure)

    granted it got a qol update so all tiers now give the exposed status effect. but if people have borrowed time or just cleanse totems, it really doesnt do anything as a good group of survivors can counter it before it even has a chance to activate.

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    Thanks for the heads up, I forgot about what it was originally.

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,874

    It needs a change for sure imo. It's one of those perks left from the dark ages. Still surprised it hasn't gotten a rework.

    I like your suggestion, but it doesn't really fit with the "no one escapes death" name. This could be a good perk though. NOED should still be a endgame perk with a strong effect (one where it doesn't reward failure though).

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 1,704

    It's not 'completely' balanced. If there was a totem counter, then it would be balanced. As it stands, for solos who don't know who is doing totems, if anybody, it's a struggle.

  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    We're really equating NoED to old MoM and DS? Those weren't just annoying or controversial even, they were game breaking.

    Maybe if you equating them to OG forever NoED, but the current version has plenty of counter play.

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    Well, like I said, I don't think NOED is game breaking. Just teaches bad habits to anyone playing killer and rewards them for failure. I didn't like DS and MoM was flawed, they taught bad habits to survivors as to "it's okay to be caught because I'll just use DS" or "it's fine the killer found me, I'll just get MoM." That's the same mentality with NOED on killer, that is the issue I have with it. The idea I suggested is to help slow down the game while the game is still active but also make it preventable where survivors can cleanse it's totem. It's a hard perk to balance to any side and no matter someone is going to be left dissatisfied. I hope you understand my view on it, but if not, it's completely fine and you're entitled to your own opinion on the perk and how it should be handled.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Then why is BT still a thing? It is the very definition of encouraging bad habits.

  • VictoryVictory Member Posts: 166

    Adrenaline rewards the survivors for success, thats not even comparable lols

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    BT has issues of it's own, but please like I said, this is a discussion of NOED and I wanted to discuss the issues that NOED holds and how it's mindset is flawed. BT teaches bad habits too, which is undeniable. Should you use the perk to rescue players with the killer nearby will train survivors to do just that, but it's still possible to play optimally and use the perk if the killer is trying to secure a last minute kill (which is where the perk shines). NOED has an issue that rewards failure and teaches bad habits. I won't compare NOED to BT or any other from now on since I want this to be a discussion on this perk exclusively. I probably will make more posts and discussions based off of the other perks that create bad habits. So, please, respect my discussion and let's discuss NOED and not compare it apples to oranges, thanks.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428
  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,870

    If we keep letting people do totems imma lose my BP'S though D:

  • HaterMcTaterHaterMcTater Member Posts: 37

    I have no control as to who posts what, I had asked to discuss NOED and NOED's impact on the mentality of players in the game. Your question as to why people are talking about adrenaline is directed to the wrong person. I never once brought up adrenaline, so, please don't ask me why people are discussing it in the comments of my possible NOED rework.

  • dragobvdragobv Member Posts: 166

    yeah lets slow the game down even more cause the game still isnt slow enough with ruin pop dying light and thana

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 574

    I dont mind the current NOED but if they change it i would want to remove the insta down and replace it with mori.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711
    edited October 2019

    Other second chance perks usually require something to be done. Unlike than noed. As killer you don't have to do anything (besides equipping it in the lobby) to get full use out if it. Perks like dead hard require timing, adrenalin requires a good team to do 5 gens etc etc.

    If noed had at least some requirements (for example: requires hooking every survivor once to be activated) then it wouldn't feel as bad. Also, solos need a totem counter.

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  • xBEATDOWNSxxBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 353

    NoED either works or it doesn't. A good team of survivors will knock out the totems in anticipation of ruin or NoED.

  • ChezAndQuakersChezAndQuakers Member Posts: 189

    But I wish that it’d at least tell you that they have noed once all generators are done because I like to play either solo or duos and sometimes we don’t know if the randoms got any totems or not. Or say on maps like the game and Hawkins and Lerys, the totem spots are in very hard to find places. I know they’re hard to find because I’ve died with ruin or won with ruin never being broken

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 199

    Small game exists. Honestly it's such an underrated perk, it's basically anti noed

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