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Freddy is so boring to play against.

Is it just me? I thought he was okay to play against when his rework just came out.

But nowadays all i see are Freddy's that use gen slowdown builds with perks like DL, Thana, PGTW, Ruin, Thrilling Tremors, Discordance etc. with Swing Chains and Jump Rope on top of that.

And then there is the recent change that Borrowed Time doesn't work against him anymore if the unhooker is asleep. And even if the unhooked Person gets BT, if the killer decides to tunnel he will just go down anyway because of Oblivious. I find this change really stupid.

Also doesn't help that most Freddy players like to bloodlust you with snares. I can live with this tho.

I get that gen times need some fixing but i still think this is too much. No one wants to hold M1 for even longer. Or at the very least make BT work against him again.

Reminder that i don't think he is OP. Just unfun to go against, not Spirit level since you can loop him at least but still.

Unrelated but i have created this discussion before but it didn't appear for some reason. Hope it's okay to post it again.



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