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Do you think size matters?

I was wondering if other people feel like theyre spotted sooner when playing male survivors. I use males as an example because theyre all physically larger and taller than the female survivors and logically easier to see.

My main boy is Dwight but i play almost every male characters pretty reguarly (p3 david and p2 on jake n ace.) But ive found when i play Claudette or Feng it seems easier to stealth and escape. Im usually caught first less, if at all, and winning chases is easier. I also find myself getting stuck on corners and clipped by weapons more as male characters

Since ive gotten Adam I've had a lot of trouble even going two minutes in a match without getting caught because hes just MASSIVE. I run urban on him and he's still the same size as claudette standing.

Tl;dr: do you as a survivor find yourself escaping/staying hidden better as female survivors. And as killer do you spot male characters faster/easier than female ones?


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