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New clown cosmetic issue

Teddyripper34Teddyripper34 Member Posts: 11

When you play with the seathing entertainer cosmetic tge weapon you hold is utterly out of view and unable to be seen until you hit someone. The knife is cool and id like to see it.


  • DoktdDoktd Member Posts: 10

    yes actually BUG knives

  • YourSafePlaceYourSafePlace Member Posts: 2

    Yup, I'm having the same issue and I'm [BAD WORD] pissed. I'm about to request a refund because I bought a product and I literally don't even get to have it in game. We don't get to see the head/body of the skin, the knife is literally the selling point of the entire goddamn package.

  • Semany_ELSemany_EL Member Posts: 2
    edited October 26

    I was very offended when I saw this bug after the purchase. At first I thought that he was on one level, but no! The clown is my favorite character and I am constantly given tasks for him. But what the hell should I always see instead of a carous knife, a hand in the shape of a like?

    Post edited by Semany_EL on
  • Teddyripper34Teddyripper34 Member Posts: 11

    Semany_EL, so was I, it looks awesome in store but can't experience it

  • Semany_ELSemany_EL Member Posts: 2

    Here I am about the same thing! I can’t even advise you to buy it, at your discretion.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 3,208

    Thumbs up clown Best Clown

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