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What happened to the planned kindred change?

Didn't they want to implement "kindred" into the base game? They said something like that in a stream like 6 months ago. I think they wanted to reduce the difference between swf groups and solo players that way. But I don't follow the streams anymore and I'm not very active in the forum either. Does anyone know more? Have they changed their mind?


  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,575

    They changed their mind i believe they answered this in a Q&A soon after the Freddy rework.

    They don't want their balance changes to be just make perks base.

  • ProfessorDunwichProfessorDunwich Member Posts: 788

    No no, they prefer balance is achieved by taking up perk slots and paying for perks.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636
    edited October 2019

    They had a rational moment where making every solo player as effective as people exploiting a broken grouping function seemed like a bad idea. Four solos all given Kindred turns 16 perks into 20 perks versus 4.

    That and you can only drop propaganda concerning "Buff the solos so you can buff the killers." for so long before even the solos want an answer to "What kind of buffs are you going to give killers to compete?". Never having an answer to that is problematic.

    Though I'm repeating myself here from the past, Behav10r has a dilemma with the new dedicated servers. They allow SWFs to form and join queues remarkably easy and allegedly disguise those groups to avoid dodging. The disguise will only work for the game creation though, as it will be absolutely apparent to the killer after the miserable experience. That's great for SWFs but tedious for killers who simply will not face that every game. That's most killers by the way. Anyone can tolerate it for a game or two here and there. But even streamers being paid to play would grow tired of it every single game. Those killers will play far less or even stop playing altogether.

    Considering the pretty laughable accusations of impossible challenges in the battle pass from survivor players (most main killers recognize those challenges as fairly common to achieve) there isn't going to be a flood of converts from the survivors willing to pick up the slack. (Wait until they try those challenges and every match is a SWF)

    Once you flip the switch to dedicated server permanence and allow the SWF teams to enjoy their new convenience you won't be able to smooth over going back if it isn't working out. That means killers have to be adjusted to deal with it and my God if you think the OP cry now is bad just wait for that. You can not leave the killers weak to where only True, Otz, Scott, Tyde and a handful of others can succeed. They simply can not carry the game which means the lesser talented players have to be boosted. Those boosts will only serve to make the top tier players nigh unbeatable and the lower tier players competitive.

    SWF is the issue. It breaks perks and the uncertainty and information part of the game. At some point it is going to have to be tempered with a debuff. There is no way around it. Particularly when the one remedy to it, dodging, is being hamstrung. Threatening killers with DC bans when they eventually grow tired of facing it is not going to work. You won't have a killer population that can sustain the queues. It certainly doesn't help that the survivor tactic du jour is pick a killer and complain until they are made mediocre and then immediately switch to the next highest threat. Freddy, Legion, Nurse, now Spirit. After that will be Billy.

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  • PalletOrWhatPalletOrWhat Member Posts: 260

    I don't even want to discuss balance stuff anymore. it just tires me out.

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