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Having to Force Close DBD in Task Manager

xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 3

The longer I play DBD the longer and longer my lobby transition times get. Like if I'm in a swf group and go back to the main menu, it takes 15-60 seconds to load (as it gets progressively worse). Or loading from the swf lobby into the killer lobby into the game, etc. The only way to fix this issue is to close the game and reload it...

BUT whenever I closed the game (going to the Menu, pressing ESC and choosing to quit the game). Then try to restart it, steam tells me DBD is already running. When I open my task manager it still shows DBD as running. If I try to log out of steam and it tells me to close DBD first. When I force close DBD (through task manager) it also closes an easyanticheat.exe?

Until I force close DBD, Steam still shows me as currently in game. My PC FANs can still be heard quite well, as if my CPU was still doing something heavy and they aren't as silent as it usually is, when not playing a game. It won't let me close Steam until I force close DBD.

This is happening more and more & I think it has something to do with the menu load in issues I've been having too. There are a ton of these issues posted on the steam forums for DBD, so I don't know how this issue hasn't been addressed yet.

As a streamer, this is VERY inconveniencing- to have the extended load times between lobbies and having to restart the game every hour or so. It'd be nice if this issue could be corrected. Thanks.

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