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A more reasonable thread concerning spirit.

Hello, my name is Sn0w.

I play a lot more killer than I do survivor but I do play survivor on occasion so there is that. I've been playing a lot more survivor lately since I've been enjoying some DBD with friends lately.

So why preface this thread with those statements?

Because the inevitable is coming, you know as well as I do that they are going to "rework" or "small tweaks" spirit like they did to nurse. (which by the way is still not acceptable and I urge the people in charge of balancing decisions to listen to Ardetha who unlike myself has been a lot more kind towards you guys for your unfairly heavy handed nerfs to The Nurse.)

So as someone who has played against spirit, and as her.

I would like to state my opinions on the matter and where I think the direction of her inevitable balancing should go.


Her addons?

[Mother Daughter ring] This combined with audio based tracking and information perks concerning generators really cannot be allowed to continue, this %100 has to go.

Does that mean all movespeed addons needs to go or be adjusted? No it does not, the rest of the addons that adjust move speed are fine.

[Prayer Beads] These needs adjustment, perhaps instead of denying the phasing audio they could instead apply deafen on hit or oblivious! The lack of a long distance audio queue combined with speed addons is not healthy in the slightest.

The rest of her purple addons? They're fine, a stronger version of her greens with a mashmish of each effect. Cherry blossom isn't strong as a purple but has a unique effect and should probably just stay for flavour.

Her base kit?

[Husk collision vs collision during Yamaoka's haunting.]

When I first started playing spirit, I had no idea her husk even had collision. When I realized I could use it to bodyblock windows and keep people trapped after vaulting a pallet I thought that was a little busted. This is coming from someone who plays killer, thinking something is a bit overpowered.

Her name is THE SPIRIT not THE TRAPPER, the husk bodyblocking should probably hit the road.

Should she lose collision during haunt?


Why? Because it's practical and could lead to tons of glitches otherwise and because there is nothing wrong with bumping into people.

Just as much as spirit can bump into you, you can move erratically to avoid it.

[The lack of a vault animation]

First of all, it looks AWESOME. I have to lovingly take a moment to describe that sort of spooky OH ######### moment when she appears on the other side of a window from something so simple as not animating something.

Second of all, it needs to stay.

Having to second guess if the spirit vaulted the window or went into haunting mode just adds another layer of complexity to loops.

If you hate it, it's doing its job honestly.

Looping shouldn't feel easy or routine, you're supposed to be running for your life it should make you tense. If you wanna moonwalk halfway around the map and talk all sorts of garbage while listening to rap music, you should probably get your ass handed to you by spirit.


In closing

So there you go, from someone who wants killers to still be decent after the devs are done with them. This is my way of trying to tactful and compromise, I got angry about nurse and lost my temper with the devs but this time I took the extra effort to try and have some proper conversation.


  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 979

    An interesting idea Ive come across is that prayer beads would remove the ability of the spirit to grab survivors in her post-phase state. So no more Gen grabber spirit, but still a good add-on that you can jumpscare people with.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,270

    Wait. Did I just see a calm and rational argument on the forums?

  • SkaraokSkaraok Member Posts: 36

    As a Spirit main myself, I think she's in a fine place balance wise, but here are some changes that I would make:

    - Give her a little less charge speed or slightly more duration at base.

    - Revert Prayer Beads to what they did on PTB (Moderately decreases the range of the sound emission radius while using Yamaoka's Haunting.)

    - Remove survivor collision with the Spirit during phasing, but not the husk.

    - Change the Phasing sound effect that it will now play regardless of whether or not the survivor is in her terror radius.

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