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Nurse Changes

Hey yall I wanna let my feedback here about the Nurse changes.

First of all, Nurse were extremly strong with certain Add ons. And I think the Devs should've changed her Add ons only. For instance her 5 Blinks and the range Add ons.

That would've been enough. But that they actually changing her power with the cooldown is a unnecessary nerf. There are already not that much Nurses outside and with this change there will be less Nurse Players.

This change makes her unfun to play as. And because of the cooldown she is loosing a lot of time. This Game is all about Time manage and I think that change is a bad Idea.

Instead of adding a cooldown to her Power you could just extended maybe the Stun she gets after she blinks. Or just completly rework her Add ons.

A Change of her Add ons is what we need, just like we need Add on changes that are extremly strong on a few other Killers.

Im a Survivor main and I always had fun facing against a Nurse because it was challenging.

Thats my opinion on the Nurse Changes.



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