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Easy Anti-Cheat violation crashes occur more often. (solution found, provided in-thread)

SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 380
edited October 2019 in Technical Issues

So for starters; I do not run anything that would be considered malicious on my computer, nor do I modify anything.

Ever since update 3.2.2, EAC has been closing my game down way too often, complaining that a game violation has been detected. It happens almost daily, and it gets slightly frustrating due to the fact that I can never figure out what's going on or what's causing it to trigger.

Could somebody give me some pointers or maybe any solutions? Thanks!

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  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 380
    edited October 2019

    Hello, I apologize for the double-post, but I just wanted to notify that this has happened yet again during a Demogorgon game on Autohaven.

    Again, I'm not quite sure what's causing this, and I've rechecked all of my applications to see what was running during the crash, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything.

    Are there still no answers?

    Edit: Upon reloading the game, it seems that the game has treated the crash as a disconnect, and I lost bloodpoints as well as my addons. Another unfortunate event...

  • RawulfRawulf Member Posts: 14

    Turn Off your antivirus software before start DBD.

    Example Avast Free Antivirus' Rootkit defence conflicts with DBD for me.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,721

    TO add to the above, RGB software can cause it too.

    I have to make sure the ASUS stuff isn't installed on my PC or I can't play any EAC games (DbD, 7 Days to Die, Dauntless)

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 380

    Both of these have been checked and done! I'm still dealing with EAC crashes.

    What's strange is that this has only been happening with Dead By Daylight so far... and I do not have any sort of RGB software added to my computer, nor do I use any software to modify my computer/accessories in general.

    I do want to say that this may have something to do with Windows 10, however, since I've recently went through with an OS update that later seemed to bring a slew of problems to the table.

    I'll look further into this. Thank you two for giving me a head start! I'll update this further for anybody who's following the thread and is looking for potential solutions or answers themselves.

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 380
    edited October 2019

    good afternoon! i come with splendid news!

    so upon rooting around on my machine, I decided to disable a few applications from starting up automatically (teamviewer, autodesk, epicgame's launcher, overwolf for teamspeak, etc.), as well as clearing out any temporary files windows may have left behind on my machine after the update for the sake of keeping my HDD squeaky clean, and gave my computer a restart.

    and surprisingly enough, my experience has improved! i was able to play an entire day straight without experiencing any EAC game violations so far, so something tells me that i must've did something right. i'm not sure if this entirely fixed the problem, but it definitely reduced the crashes by a massive amount.

    i can't say for certain what my exact solution was, but i can say that it's generally a good thing to root around your drive and clear stuff out when possibly needed! whether it's uninstalling/modifying applications, clearing out temp files and giving your computer a drive defrag, or whatever is necessary.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,721

    I bet it's overwolf.

    I belive that CAN add an overlay to programs, and EAC really, really doesn't like that. It likes to detect it as a cheat, even though it's not.

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 380

    quite so! though i made sure to disable overwolf's overlay, however it may still be trying to run something in the background, so that may be it! o/

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,721

    It probably is something as daft as a hidden service even though you turned the feature off. :)

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