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Who is more powerful

danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 149

I have always thought killers were more powerful but most of the threads on here are about gen-rushing and survivors are overpowered. I have not seen a thread about survivor buffs or killers are overpowered in like 3 months. I'm starting to think that all the forum members on here besides me are all killer mains so i thought i would make a poll to find out if that is true or if there are some survivor mains out there

Who is more powerful 41 votes

Survivors are more powerful
Techn0TemoriGibberishSpartagone45danielbird11DipDr_TrautsSN1P3R5G3TH3ADanarchy753Doofy_GRazorsxEaBenZ0DreskiLirulinielMrPenguinRicardiBacardiDr_Loomisshadow3989Seltas0208 25 votes
Killers are more powerful
SeducedByDaemonettebrokedownpalaceMicheal_Myersrch614 4 votes
Both are equally balanced
White_OwlBrendanLeeTGalklifead19970HoodiedJohnny_XManMedicSpirit7AhoyWolfCarlosyluJokerIsLokijasonq500KacperLenczewski 12 votes


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,006
    Both are equally balanced

    Depends on what Killer are you playing or how good the Survivors are. Or your own skill.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,160
    edited October 2019

    This question can NOT be answered "per se" due to the number of variables.

    Killers can seem op - so can survivors depending on the variables:

    - what map is it?

    - what map rng is it?

    - which items did the survivors bring?

    - what survivor perks?

    - what killer perks and addons?

    - spawn locations of all clients?

    - are the survivors SWF or solo?

    - what specific killer is it?

    - how many (active) hours do the survivors have in the game?

    - how many (active) hours does the killer have in the game?

    Take a strong SWF team consisting of optimal loopers combined with the best toolboxes and Prove Thyself and put them against a "Clown without perks or addons" at a big map like Temple Of Purgation or Thompson's House with the best map rng possible (which in both cases includes tons of strong tiles and pallets) and the Clown will MOST LIKELY get utterly destroyed even if "both teams" are about even in factors such as game hours/experience.

    Take a bunch of mediocre Solo Survivors without items and put them against a 5000+ hour Spirit main on a small map with Ruin,Thrill Of The Hunt, BBQ or Devour Hope, Dying Light combined with Prayer Beads+Mother-Daughter-Ring and the survivors are going to regret playing the game.

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 149
    Survivors are more powerful

    I just realized that i voted for the wrong side lol i was trying to vote for killers are more powerful. Well that's embarrassing.

  • SeducedByDaemonetteSeducedByDaemonette Member Posts: 296
    Killers are more powerful

    Due to messed up match making killers tend to be more powerful against solos . Otherwise it's random dependent as Yamaoka said .

    P.S. I voted for killers just because I knew majority would vote for survivors , there should be 4th , something like : 'depends on who against who'

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 2,794
    Survivors are more powerful

    Survivors itself are only in a few aspects powerfull,

    -the most older maps are too survivor sided

    -if survivors play coordinate enough even without swf the gens can be done toooo fast

    -some items and those addons are too strong without any downside

    -some perks can waste to much time when used properly (dead hard and borrow)

    -some hook spawns are still awfull and because of this unhooks can be very easy (fractured cowshed for an example)

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    Too many variables like Yamaoka said.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,831
    Both are equally balanced

    I feel like the conclusion you come too, that all members have to be killer mains is a bit unfair honestly. Most people just want a fair and balanced game, that's all. It's not just that all forum members are killer mains. The majority might be, but many play both sides.

    If you want to find out if you are the only survivor main here or how many survivor and killer mains are on the forum, the best you can probably do is take a look at the Poll created by one of the Community Managers, it's the very first Poll posted on this subforum. That poll asks whether you play survivor, killer, or both.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235

    Imo, SWF > Killer > Solo. Though there are a lot of variables to consider, such as the sheer difference in power between killers (for instance, Nurse and Clown) and which map we should consider (Balanced Landing on Haddonfield can beat plenty of killers).

  • Creepingcam1070Creepingcam1070 Member Posts: 330

    It really depends what map are you on? What killer are you? What addons/Perks are you using? It depends on alot of things so I really cant pick.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,143
    Killers are more powerful

    Look, Survivors can be Powerful in red ranks, Semi Powerful in purple and Green ranks, and less powerful in grey ranks/yellow ranks.

    Same goes for the killers, but Killers do and always will have the upper hand in the match.

    And what i mean by saying that is, Yes Survivors are powerful but killers are more powerful until the player playing that certain killer accidentally messed something up. (That could mean they stayed in a chase for too long etc.)

    So to me killers will always be more powerful even if it's by a little tiny bit.

    That's my thoughts.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,973
    Survivors are more powerful

    I am very positiv it is actually the way around. The only reason a survivor team might loose is that they do mistakes, not the killer. A Killer who is not nurse or Spirit can play perfect, if the survivor team plays perfect aswell, the Killer has 0 chance.

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