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The 4.2.2 Bugfix Patch drops today. Click the link below for release times and patch notes.

Cancel match feature needs huge improvement.

Why does it need to take so unbelievably long to throw me back to the lobby? I will sit at the wait screen for 5 minutes and sometimes the MATCH loads up entirely just to kick us out.

I honest didn't give a crap if we had a 3man before. But this being the new alternative is worse IMO. When I can close my game reload it and be in another lobby quicker than waiting for it to throw me back to the lobby...somethings wrong.


  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 966

    Did even occur to me until just now getting a mori daily. This system is even worse than I thought. People get to mori dodge with no penalty. Does leaving during the offerings screen count as a DC on their part? I doubt it.

    Its so dumb that there is like....how many offerings for a killer that are secret? 2? That they even show them at all. How about show NO offerings on screen unless its offerings that benefit everyone like streamers.

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