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Chapter Contest Voting Thread

thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
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It's voting time! With the theme of space we got ourselves a wide verity of high tech and fear inducing killers and some hardy survivors.

With our first contest entries submitted we got four entries. You get to rank your top 3 with 1 being the best. 1=3 points, 2=2 points, 3=1 points. (no voting for yourself)

Entries are here

csandman1977 - Blind Fear

VoodooMan7995 - Final Frontier

thisdude9001 - Eldritch Beings

TheUnendingNightmare - Buffy the Vampire Hunter

Voting ends October 30th

Also same goes for theme ideas

Steampunk/1800 London - From jack the ripper to airship pirates

Legends/ folk-tells- Extra spook with ghosts to Bloody Mary

Undead- Zombies or wendigos or you know liches if your into that

Also will take suggestions for ideas next contest.

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2019

    My Votes


    1- Blind Fear, really sets a creepy tone and the addons look solid

    2- Final Frontier, Pretty neat teleportation mechanic

    3- Buffy the Vampire Hunter, Not really to theme but gotta vote for something.


    1- Steampunk

    2- Legends

    3- Undead

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Voting closing soon. Get those votes in!

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited November 2019

    guess blind fear wins?

    Gotta add a rule where you gotta vote to win

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    Ah... Oof... Been really inactive lately, and I forgot about my posts here.... Rip. I'm happy you liked my chapter idea though! :)

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