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New Killer: The Siren

Spac3chickenSpac3chicken Member Posts: 17

Description: A killer based of sirens. A humanoid frame with fish scales and fins up her arms and legs.

Weapon: A rusty harpoon

Ability: Serenade. The Siren can sing which allures survivors and distracts them. While being serenaded, survivors stop whatever action they are performing and quietly hum along. Serenade also has 3 tiers like madness.

Tier I: Survivors have slightly reduced movement speed.

Tier II: Survivors are oblivious for 30 seconds and hum quietly while moving.

Tier III: Survivors have greatly reduced movement speed, are permanently oblivious, and hum constantly.

Possible Perks:

Disclaimer: I am not very familiar with killer perks so apologies if some of these already exist.

Mermaid’s Charm: Your alluring voice stops the hearts of men. Male survivors have reduced movement speed while within your terror radius. Can be upgraded to affect female survivors but is less effective.

Telepathy: Your dark powers allow you to read minds and feast on survivor’s fear. When chasing a survivor, the aura of nearby survivors that have recently interacted with that survivor are revealed for 3 seconds.

Watery Grave: Your sinister call draws the weak to an early grave. Survivors that are injured as the exit gates are open can be moried. Survivors hit after the exit gate has been opened and put into the injured state are exempted.

Backstory: Maria was orphaned at age 7 and was taken in by her uncle who was a fine captain. As soon as she was old enough, she was put to work, cooking and cleaning for the men as they fought vicious pirates and deadly beasts from the ocean. To pass the time, she often hummed songs quietly to herself, dreaming of a day when she could prove herself and become one of the crew. That day came soon after as the shipmates were entranced with her sweet voice. An audience would gather as she sung while cleaning the cabins, each song sweeter than the last, slowly drawing more and more men away from their posts. One fateful day as the crew gazed at her with awe, a ruthless band of pirates boarded the ship and took advantage of her position in the men’s hearts. They seized her, threatening to throw her overboard if her uncle did not hand over his ship. Maria begged her uncle to comply, tears brimming in her eyes and the crew cried for her safety. He refused. In an effort to teach his crew a lesson about loyalty to their captain and ship, he pulled out a harpoon gun and speared his niece himself. She stumbled backwards in shock, blood spilling from her wound as her cruel uncle turned his weapon to the pirates. She blacked out for a moment and when she reopened her eyes, she found herself drowning in the water, blood flowing freely from her and turning it red. Desperate for air, she tried to claw herself to the surface but her wound betrayed her, making her unable to struggle against the thrashing waves. A deep hatred burned inside of her, a hatred for her uncle and a hatred from the crew her failed to save her. As the life began to drain from her body, she felt a dark presence overcome her, changing her body whispering to her to take her revenge before, making her one with the ocean.

Many have told the story of the siren, a beast of the ocean, luring captains and their men to their deaths with her enchanting song. None have ever survived to confirm the tale.


  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710

    I always thought it would be cool if they added a siren

  • Spac3chickenSpac3chicken Member Posts: 17

    I forgot to add one feature. In order to lower Serenade tiers, survivors must perform an action similar to snap out of it where they block their ears. It is a longer process as it reduces Serenade to 0 but, it makes survivors easier to Serenade later on.

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    Very interesting concept. The first perk i like the concept but i could see most people just switching to female characters for awhile to void the perk. The other 2 i like alot. Not sure how the 3rd one will be with the adrenline meta. But the power i like. Sirens were always cool in mythology.

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