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A Theoretical Guide to GhostFace

Theoretical_HeartTheoretical_Heart Member Posts: 398
edited October 18 in Guides

My name is Theoretical Heart and today I will teach you how to play GhostFace.

Rule# 1. DO NOT STALK. Stalking is a trap. It's tempting to stalk as it gives the exposed status effect. However despite this being his intended use it's not the most effective way to play him.

Okay, if I cannot stalk then what do I use NIGHT SHROUD for? You may ask. NIGHT SHROUD removes GhostFace's Terror Radius (the heartbeat sound survivors hear) and his red stain (the red light that indicates which direction a killer is facing) completely.

This means GhostFace can at anytime decide to remove the two biggest tools survivors have in knowing where you are and what you are doing.

Without a Terror Radius you can sneak up on survivors easily. But unlike Wraith , GhostFace can attack directly out of stealth. Now ask yourself "does wraith being able to attack while cloaked sound REALLY strong?" The odds are you answered yes. Now you see the TRUE power of GhostFace.

Without a red stain, loops and walls become unsafe for survivors. Survivors use your red stain to know which corner you are coming around in a chase. Removing it makes you unpredictable. I'm sure you've seen popular streamer walk backwards around walls during a chase, well this is to hide the red stain. GhostFace doesn't need moonwalk to be unpredictable.

But WAIT THERE'S MORE. An often over looked side benefit of his power is something less educated players see as a weakness. That is the survivor's ability to break GhostFace out of NIGHT SHROUD by looking at him. If they even glance at you, you get a small white indicator showing the direction the survivor looked at you from, giving you a direction to start looking. If they look long enough break NIGHT SHROUD the indicator gives a giant flashing red pulsating beacon (known as Killer's Instinct) that shows you exactly where the survivor is.

Rule #2. Don't bother with crouching, it only slows you down. Unless you are using the sheathe add ons to increase your crouch speed there is no need to crouch as you aren't trying to stalk. You just want to get close enough for the free first hit.

However you can use the crouch in a chase to your advantage on mid height loops like the haybales on Cold Wind Farm. Typically you are tall enough the survivor can see the tip of your head over the wall making the loop unwinnable for you. However, crouching takes that advantage away from the survivor.

GhostFace is the best killer in DbD. Allow me to explain. I said best, not strongest. The strongest are Spirit, Nurse, and Huntress. However not everyone will have the skills to play those 3 well. While they are very powerful they are only really strong in the most skillful hands. If you are a pleb, like me, even you can master GhostFace. Nothing in his kit is so difficult to use that you can't learn it.

Now that you know how to use him let's talk builds.

None of GhostFace add ons are particularly good. Really, his crouch speed add ons are the only ones worth looking at. Even those are only ok.

My personal perk set up.

I'M ALL EARS; GhostFace is already strong at loops (wall loops) but this perk makes Jungle Gyms worthless as I know exactly where the survivor is at them.

NOED; This can be a dead perk. But no matter how good you are, you will eventually hit gen rushers and/or survive with friends. This is a second chance perk for killers who made a mistake. Do NOT feel bad for using it. Survivors have plenty of second chance options to rectify their mistakes and undo your hard work.

SLOPPY BUTCHER; This is my favorite perk in all of DbD. It makes healing a nightmare for survivors. You'd be surprised how much time you save yourself with this perk. You find way more injured survivors thanks to it.

DEERSTALKER; This is because I'm blind and deaf and cannot find survivors I've slugged. Lol. You probably won't need it unless you are me.

TrU3Ta1ent's perk set up. (I don't know if he created it, but he definitely popularized it)

SLOPPY BUTCHER; One of the best perks in DbD. Really makes healing suck. Time saver for you, time waster for them.

THANATAPHOBIA; If you are playing GhostFace correctly, then this paired with Sloppy Butcher will slow the game down drastically with multiple injured survivors.

NURSE'S CALLING; Paired with Sloppy & Than you are pretty much gonna have wallhacks.

RUIN; Sometimes a wasted perk but when it works it really slows the game down. If survivors can't hit Ruin Checks then they will have to look for the totem. This makes it easy to catch them out of position.

I happily invite other GhostFace players to share their builds in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: Everything in this guide is my opinion. There is no right or wrong way to play. Play how you want.


  • EdysEdys Member Posts: 241

    Ghostface is absolutely broken right now, exactly for the reasons you have pointed out:

    • perma stealth
    • no counter play without spine chill, and even that could be not enough if the killer can come from multiple directions

    It's no surprise this is tru3's favourite killer, his second favourite build is gen grabber Spirit ;).

    I hate swf teams, but what I hate more are those stupid killers that break the game without any negative added to them whatsoever.

    change my mind.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 398

    Are you really comparing Ghostface with Spirit? Laughs

  • EdysEdys Member Posts: 241

    no, obviously that's not what I wrote, just read it again :).

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