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Hide and seek

KuroiKuroi Member Posts: 32

Hello! First of all let me explain, the other day me and some friends were playing, but since I was working I couldn't do it the normal way so we came out with a way to play hide and seek. Here are the rules:

As killer:

• Starting the game you need to give the survivors 10 seconds to hide before start seeking.

• Once you encounter a survivor you can downed it and then hooked it. When you hook a survivor you give immunity to the rest to unhook and heal, after healed 10 seconds to hide again are gived.

• If you encounter the same survivor you can downed it and the proceed to make memento mori.

• To win the game as a killer you need to close the hatch and kill the last survivor, they can use the door or key to escape so be careful.

• You can use Franklin's demise

Prohibited killers: Ghost Face and The doctor.

To play as survivor:

• Hide from the killer and be on movement the ravens are not sparing anyone.

• If the killer finds you? to this one there are two ways of playing:

X The survivor is not allowed to run.

○ The survivor can run until the killer catch him.

(If the survivor is allowed to run the killer can use noed because of conditions with last survivor)

• You only get one chance to be hooked. If you get caught again you loose.

• You can use key or another item of your liking.

• To win the game as a survivor you need to escape trough hatch or door

Survivors can use Murky Reagent.

I though it was a good idea to share this mode of playing since is a good way to practice, you dont have to play it if you dont like it of course, if you watch my video/trailer trash thank you! 💙

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