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Pet Themed Killer Concept (Beastmaster)

PsylentPsylent Member Posts: 38

Beastmaster has a 28 meter terror radius and moves at 4.6 m/s.

Power: You have a pet following you, which you can send out to search for survivors. By default you start with 2 cats, can be changed to a dog with an ultra rare add-on. The cat will sneak up on the nearest survivor (that isn't already being tracked) to silently gaze at them for 12 seconds. Afterwards, she returns to the killer. When the cat has line of sight and is within 8 meters of a survivor, she will sit and watch them which reveals their aura to the killer. If a survivor stares at the cat for 3 seconds straight (similar to how Ghostface detection works), she will hiss at them and run back to the Beastmaster. If a survivor runs away instead of staring at the cat, she will chase them for 30 seconds. She then returns to the killer unless for whatever reason the survivor stops before 30 seconds have passed and allows the cat to watch them. Their aura is only revealed when the cat is sitting and watching the survivor, not while chasing them (by default). As soon as the survivor stops moving, the cat will sit and watch them again to reveal their aura. Think of it as the cat having 2 modes that reset if interrupted by the other mode. If a survivor is under a cat's gaze for 10 seconds straight, they become "Oblivious" for 10 seconds.

Can call a pet back to you by holding the power button and looking in the direction of the pet you want. Holding down the power button reveals your pets' auras, pressing M1 cancels the return command. Releasing the power button gives them the return command. The Beastmaster whistles when giving commands to the pets. Can also tell a pet to stay in the spot you are looking at by pressing Ctrl, must have a pet following you. A pet will be in sentry mode when told to stay somewhere. The cat will reveal the aura of any survivors that come within 8 meters of the cat and she is able to see them. So might be more like a cone in front of her rather than 8 meters all around. Pets do NOT have collision. They would likely get in the killer's way if they did. The dog will growl and attack a survivor if they come within 8 meters while he is in sentry mode. He will not chase them if they run away. He will guard that spot until he attacks a survivor or the Beastmaster calls him back.

How to reward Devious points:

  • +50 each time a pet finds a survivor (can only be triggered once after a pet has been sent out)
  • +200 when a cat makes a survivor Oblivious or a dog makes a survivor Exposed
  • +300 when you hit a survivor that is being watched/chased by a pet and also when you hit a survivor that has been affected by a pet (in reference to the status effects they can apply)

**This might require the status effects from pets to be differentiated in some way from the same effects that came from other sources. Such as NoED applying exposed when someone has dogs. That situation might result in this killer receiving devious points when they shouldn't be.


  • Name- Increases how long a pet will chase a survivor by 5 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Increases the amount of time needed to stare at a cat to scare it away by 1 second. (Stacks)
  • Fang of the Cat- Survivor's scream when a cat hisses at them, alerting the killer.
  • Cowardly Animals- Pets, including dogs, are immediately scared away when looked at. (+100% Devious points)


  • Name- Increases how long a pet will chase a survivor by 10 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Increases the amount of time needed to stare at a cat to scare it away by 2 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Increased action speed by 4% for each pet following you.
  • Name- Increases pet awareness by 4 meters in sentry mode. (Doesn't Stack) *Still needs line of sight*
  • Name- The cat also applies blindness for 30 seconds after watching a survivor for 10 seconds. (after just 5 seconds if used with the Iridescent Eye add-on)


  • Name- Increases how long a pet will chase a survivor by 15 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Cat's Eye- Survivors have their aura revealed even when being chased by a cat. (Must be within 8 meters and in sight of the cat)
  • Name- Increases the amount of time needed to stare at a cat to scare it away by 3 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Increases duration of status effects applied by pets by 5 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Pets run slightly faster when chasing a survivor. (4.8 m/s) (Doesn't Stack)

Very Rare:

  • Tuft of Fur- Increases number of pets by one. (3 cats or 2 dogs)
  • Name- Pets run moderately faster when chasing a survivor. (5.0 m/s) (Doesn't Stack)
  • Name- Increases duration of status effects applied by pets by 10 seconds. (Stacks)
  • Name- Increased pet awareness by 4 meters when tracking down survivors. Increased by 8 meters when in sentry mode. (Doesn't Stack) *Still needs line of sight*

Ultra Rare:

  • Iridescent Eye- Cats cannot be scared away and now apply the Oblivious status effect after only 5 seconds of gazing at a survivor. They will also watch/chase the survivor indefinitely until called back to the killer. (Status effects are re-applied every 5 seconds if the cat continues to watch the survivor.)
  • Canine Skull- You have a dog instead, which can't be scared away unless you're using the "Cowardly Animals" add-on. The dog will hunt down the nearest survivor and growl at them once he sees them within 8 meters. If the survivor doesn't run before 5 seconds have passed where the dog has been growling at them, then the dog will attack them. This applies the "Exposed" status effect and causes them to scream, giving the killer a notification. The survivor is "Exposed" for 30 seconds (too long? too short?). After attacking a survivor, the dog runs back to the killer. If the survivor runs before they are attacked, the dog will chase them for 30 seconds before returning to the killer. The dog should run at 4.6 m/s. If he catches up to the survivor he is chasing (within 2 meters), then he attacks them.

**Pets should be able to jump through most windows but not pallets, and will avoid falling. So they will not jump through a window that has a fall on the other side and will take an alternate route when a survivor falls down a floor. Hills should be fine for them to jump down off of, at least for the dog anyway. Pathing for pets might be difficult but should be realistic and consistent.

**I'm having trouble coming up with names of add-ons. Maybe some other time.

Killer Perks:

  • Primal Instinct- At the start of a chase, you lose your Red Stain but also the ability to see scratch marks for 30 seconds. Can only be triggered once every (60/50/40) seconds.
  • True Terror- Every time a survivor is hooked, all other survivors become oblivious for (10/15/20) seconds.
  • Let the Hunt Begin- At the start of a match, all survivors' auras are revealed to you for 5 seconds but your aura is also revealed to them for (5/4/3) seconds.

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