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The Legion Changes Suggestion v2.5.2

DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 243
edited November 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

Feral Frenzy Changes:

-Deep wound effect bleed out-timer 17 seconds

-Mending requires 14 seconds to finish

-Hitting with basic attack when Feral Frenzy is not active will not deplete half of the power gauge

-Missed basic attack during Feral Frenzy will have no basic attack cooldown, will not deplete the Power Gauge and end Feral Frenzy

-Hitting injured survivors without deep wounds with feral frenzy will put them to dying state

-Exposed status 1 hit effect can be triggered by Feral Frenzy

Feral Frenzy lasts for 10 seconds

The Legion sprints 15% faster during feral frenzy

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