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The Legion Changes Suggestion v3.0.0

DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313
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Feral Frenzy Changes:

-Hitting with basic attack when Feral Frenzy is not active will not deplete half of the power gauge

-Missed basic attack during Feral Frenzy will have no basic attack cooldown, will not deplete the Power Gauge and end Feral Frenzy

-Hitting a injured survivor without a "Deep Wound" status effect will have a "Deep Wound" status effect with a reduced 50% duration

(This will make him Tier B killer at least which is fine by me)

Legion Review:

Debuff Killers:

Good: Plague

Lacking: Doctor,Clown

Worst: Legion


-The Plague is a good debuff killer because she can debuff at long range(multiple survivors at once), does not lose half of her power when she hits a survivor, can use her power to inflict her debuff to vaulting and looping survivors and her power have a much lower cooldown compared to legion

-The clown is even better even if he had (Long bottle refill) is better than "legion's Longer FF cooldown", he doesnt lose a bottle if he hits a survivor, can throw his bottle from a long range,can debuff multiple survivor with one bottle throw and is better with Redhead's Pinky Finger for 1 hit downs

-Doctor: better at inflicting debuff even with the (lower mobility), he is a long range debuffer and can prevent vaulting and looping + other debuffs with addons

-(Legion cannot down a survivor and is a low tier debuff killer because he needs to chase and hit a survivor to make his debuff work, loses half of the power gauge if he hits a survivor, have a long power cooldown and Loses his debuffing power when he misses + Fatigue, so i think he needs this rework suggestions now with the 3.4.0 changes which Reduces The Mending Time a Lot and allows teammates to mend other teammates for a lot more faster mending in exchange for +5% Feral Frenzy Mobility, you can now remove deep wounds a lot faster while Legion is searching for another survivor) honestly the only positive thing i can say about legion is that he have 130% mobility during Feral Frenzy and The rest about Feral Frenzy is bad

•They are debuff killers, The Plague is (Good), The clown and doctor is (Lacking) and legion is the (Worst) debuff killer

•_• The changes just made him worst

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