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Party bug

While playing in a party with friends, after we finish one game, we sometimes get the "in a match" sign when the player is (in their screen) already in the party lobby, forcing mostly all members of the party to have to reopen their games in order to continue playing or otherwise we are never able to mark as ready (since there is at least one player who "isn't ready").

Has anybody else experienced this? is there any solution you found apart from reopening the game?


  • CherryRogue360CherryRogue360 Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem! Already sent a ticket and they said they were aware of the issue but still no fixes!

    So freaking annoying! Im normally super chill with bug but I stream aloooot and I cant even have a decent stream with subs because I have to reconnect to the game after every single match!

    I have gotten to the point where I have stopped streaming the game cause it wastes my time....

    I hope this gets fixed soon

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