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Candle, A Pair Of Candles & Ethereal Flame

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Common Rarity

Calls on the Entity to create 1 more Dull Totem.

"A brand-new, unused candle."


A pair of Candles

Common Rarity

Calls on the Entity to create 2 more Dull Totems.

"A pair of brand-new, unused candles."

Ethereal Flame

Rare Rarity

Calls on the Entity to create 1 trapped Hex Totem.

  • Secret

"An unusual flame which will surely attract pesky bugs."

No, cleansing it doesn't mean you'll be Exposed for a minute.

Since "Trapped" does not necessarily mean they'll be Exposed once they cleanse it, it just means there's a trap on this/these specific Hex Totem(s).

So what trap does this Offering have?

Simple: It's just a waste of time.

Once cleansed, you don't get Bloodpoints for cleansing it.

Instead, the Bloodpoints go to the Killer in the Deviousness category.

Other than that, it functions just like a regular Hex Totem: It counts as a Token for Hex: Thrill of the Hunt & the Perk affects the cleanse speed on that Hex Totem, it gives away the Survivor's location once it's cleansed, it makes noise and burns brightly, etc. etc.

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