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What would you do to make totems a bigger part of the game?

vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381
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Currently in Dead By Daylight, nearly every prop in the game has an objective use even without the need of perks encouraging players to interact with them with the exception of totems which can only impact the game through the means of hex perks and inner strength.

As an example, here is a general idea of what each object does for the base game ;

  • Lockers provide a hiding spot, reduce your sounds and blocks aura reading, they additional serve as a way to reload Huntress's hatchets.
  • Generators are the objective for survivors.
  • Hooks are the objective for the killers.
  • Pallets provide protection for survivors.
  • Windows provide protection for survivors.
  • The hatch & exit gates provide a way to escape.

Part of me wanting to make this post comes from the changes lockers received in the past year to make them a larger part of the game rather than a risky move that usually got you killed. For instance in the past year lockers were buffed to further reduce the sounds you make while you're in them, block aura reading and received a handful of new perks to further encourage gameplay around lockers which includes Head On, Inner Strength and Iron Maiden along with changes to the Shadow Dance addons on Wraith to increase locker opening speeds.

If we look at totems though, their purpose actually ends up being pretty lackluster in comparison to every other object you see on the map. By this I mean that totems only ever come into play by the means of hex perks and Inner Strength. The only real reasons a survivor has to interact with a totem is the fear of NOED, a threatening hex perk, for Inner Strength or simply because they just want bloodpoints which can still be easily achieved by being chased. With this in mind, it leaves the question ; If you were to give totems a purpose outside of perks, what would you do to make them a bigger part of the general gameplay?


  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Survivors should have the option to pray to a totem for a buff. The entity bestows them his favor. In return, the aura of a friendly survivor is revealed to the killer for a few seconds or so as they get cursed.

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,301

    Dull totems are a source of power for the killers. Each totem can be used once per trial. When within 32m of an unused totem press a button to call upon the entity for more power. Gain a bonus for a short duration. Using a dull totem this way does not destroy the totem.

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