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So here's a fast piggy shoot I managed to take with my partner.

Had I known earlier I would've gotten in contact with a photographer ^^

My Amanda is handmade. Every detail on the totem and very inch of details on the Reverse Beartrap as well ^w^

There's plenty of photos how I made the things faaaar down on my instagram page (cookiehchar) and I even made a small tutorial in my Instagram highlight how to make your own Amanda mask perfect for Halloween! ^w^

((I put a little SAW reference there with the chopped off foot in the pumpkin :'3))

((Another little note, there's a secret NOED symbol in the orange bottle in hanging on the totem!<3))


  • mxlv80mxlv80 Member Posts: 13

    simple, but a strong aura of the overall scene. I didnt see saw, and i only know the ingame decription of Amanda, so i dont know holl well that forhead petting and the kinda sad tone match with the ingame desciption of only seeing the survivors as piles of meet, but a great peace either way.

  • ApexJordixApexJordix Member Posts: 27

    Yhis actually looks straight out of the movie

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