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Specific Tips for Players

Disclaimer: I play on Nintendo Switch so things may be different on each console

What I’m suggesting is a feature similar to giving props but it lets you select a certain aspect of the game that a player doesn’t understand to inform them. I DO NOT MEAN UNOFFICIAL RULES ABOUT CAMPING, TUNNELING, ETC.

For example, you could select a certain survivor that doesn’t understand that crouching disables the Hag’s traps and ‘inform’ the game of this so in a loading screen, these tips show up so they can learn a mechanic they don’t know.

I thought this would be a useful feature as I’ve played many games, even with ‘experienced’ players (not rank 20s) that clearly do not know certain features. I understand that as a new player the loading screens inform you about ways to counter killers and their abilities but this feature would not inform survivors about killers as it would keep showing up regardless of the killer until they understand.

The difference between these tips and normal tips are these ones are SPECIFIC whereas normal ones are general.

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