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Lost my Howling Grounds skin for David & Huntress

goatkiiegoatkiie Member Posts: 14
edited October 2019 in Technical Issues

So I just noticed that my skin for David is missing..

I took part in Howling Grounds and unlocked the Untamed Donkey Jacket for my David and all of a sudden it's completely gone from my inventory.. What can I do? Please help. :(

If evidence of owning it is needed I'm sure I can dig up a screenshot of it.

EDIT: My Huntress Hound mask is also gone. This is really upsetting. I'm submitting a ticket now.


  • NerfDejaVuNerfDejaVu Member Posts: 4

    Yep, having the same exact issue mate. Lost my David Donkey Jacket and i've only noticed recently, if i don't get it back i'm going to be well done in. Took a lot of my time trying to get that Jacket.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,283

    Submitting a ticket is the way to go. This seems to have been happening to a lot of people recently, but from what I've heard support has been very helpful. You should be able to get both items back without too many issues by contacting them. I've been told that you don't even need evidence, but if you have a screenshot I'm sure it would help your case.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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